• URL: https://THE.Best
  • Opening:2020
  • Target Audience: 100M Users

THE.Best Social Commerce Gives Social Media Users and Brands a new type of Direct Connection

Remember a time when it was not possible to share your opinions and review about a specific product or service with others because there was no place to do so. Not too long ago, the consumer was considered to be at the bottom of the pyramid. There was no way to display satisfaction with the services received or products purchased.

Through THE.Best, social media users, influencers, business and brand owners are able to review or promote the Best products and services - whether it be criticism or praise - about various brands. There is now an opportunity for social media users and brands to actually build a new and real direct relationship in which contributions can be sponsored for reviewers and opinions can be voiced and live heared and monitored by Brands.

THE.Best is exposing who you actually are !

With its Decentralized business model, THE.Best is is exposing brands and consumers giving back the data ownership and review responsability to the consumers.

For brands, understanding the consumer and knowing what they think about their product can prove to be very beneficial.

Also, brands with a strong consumer monitoring and following can benefit from starting a direct line of communication to engage with the very consumership that purchases their products or services.

Along with big-name brands and corporations, small businesses and start-up companies can also benefit from advertizing the proper targeted consumers.

The rise of Social Media cybersquatting !

In addition to social media piracy, advertising or offering counterfeit goods, Social Commerces present even more problems for international brand manufacturers.

Cybersquatting is also popular with scammers. This involves registering names as Internet domain names or social media account names which the registrant isn't actually entitled to. They misuse these names to capture the brand manufacturer's traffic and use them for fraudulent purposes.

When developing an international brand, it makes sense to use the right profile and user names on social media and consequently benefit from enormous branding impact. Even if these profiles aren't yet supposed to be actively used, it makes sense to register them straight away. This thwarts cybersquatters on social media from the outset. It's usually very difficult to recover misused account names and it requires a lot of effort.

Safeguarding your presence on the Internet requires ongoing vigilance to uncover the schemes of unscrupulous characters. Indeed, since the launch of the new generic Top Level Domain Program by the iCANN in 2012, the web enables now previously unthinkable targeting and reach at scale. Online brand abuse and cybersquatiing from fraud to counterfeiting is now way more sophisticated, lucrative and widespread than ever.

The traditional definition of cybersquatting is the practice of registering names, especially well-known company or brand names, as Internet domains, in the hope of selling them for a profit. But the term is more commonly used when referring to bad faith domain registration. The more widespread misuse today is registering a slight variation of a popular site to reap the benefits off added traffic from customers who mistype the URL. It is not unheard of for a competitor to register a close variation of your domain name for the sole purpose of diverting your customers into visiting their site. Despite these growing threats, many brands remain unaware of the scope of online brand abuse. Fewer still have honestly addressed the scale of impact these losses pose to their businesses. Domain name infringements, such as counterfeit sales, brand abuse, online traffic diversion, parellel imports are just a number of areas where legitimate businesses see their brands, products and ultimately market share being undermined. This is why .Best TLD has launch its Best Protection program to enable brands protect their business and revenues.