Protect your Trademarks & Reputation guard

Best protection is a total security protection against IP and reputation infringements: cybersquatting, phishing, spam, brandjacking, downvotes and other potential abuse of your brands and trademarks.

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Takedown all instances containing your Trademark

Best Protection protects trademarks and ip holders against cybersquatting and counterfeit sales at the registry and app level by literally blocking billions of possible abuse trademarked domain or abuse username permutations.

Avoid getting downvotes containing your Brand

Best Protection protects business owners against down/negative votes with a monitoring + automatic takedown service against any form of intellectual property or reputation infringement containing your brand at the Best app level.

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Best Protection is a Free IP monitoring + Automatic Takedown Service against any form of IP infringement of Trademarks and Celebrity names related to .Best Domains and Best app.